Working Responsibility

As a core corporate value, we at Wasl are committed to continually improving in five key areas.

1. People

It is Wasl’s ambition to be the first choice of customers and employees and we have recognised that people are the foundation towards achieving this. We believe that effective Human Resources Management (HRM) is an integral part of our business strategy.

The Group employs over 1000 people from different nationalities and backgrounds. We believe no barrier should inhibit an individual from performing to his or her full potential. Knowledge, attitude and skills of our people are vital to our success which is why education and training are the cornerstones of our HRM policies. We are committed to providing our employees with all necessary guidance, support and ample opportunities to work with pride and confidence and for career advancement.

We are also committed to empowering UAE nationals and fostering their knowledge development to contribute to the overall development of the UAE economy.

2. Environmental and Green Initiatives

Wasl believes that environmental sustainability starts with how our business is run. We understand the impact of some of its operations on the environment through the energy and resources used and the waste generated.

We are continuously looking for ways to operate more efficiently and sustainably. Wasl is proud to have developed information technology solutions which enable it to save energy utilisation, reduce carbon footprint and maximise resource utilisation.

3. Responsible Sourcing

When we source our products, we follow robust policies and procedures and maintain honest relationships with all of Wasl’s suppliers.

Wasl’s purchasing policy is a vital pillar in our management of social and environmental risks. This is why the assessment and selection of suppliers takes account of environmental, social and ethical criteria suited to the different categories of purchase.

Wasl also regularly assesses the overall performance of its suppliers helping them build sustainable businesses – commercially, ethically and environmentally.

As part of our commitment to transparency and excellence in procurement, we place all major Facility Management (FM) and Information Technology (IT) tenders on Tejari, the leading B2B online marketplace for emerging markets. In 2011, Wasl completed 30 per cent of its total procurement operations through the Tejari e-sourcing technology and received the Tejari Commitment Appreciation award for its efforts. 

 4. Privacy and Safety

Wasl inherently cares for and protects each of its employees, customers, business partners and environment.

The workplace health and safety of our people and the preservation of the environment in which we operate are core values at Wasl. We ensure compliance with relevant health and safety legislations. Wasl also ensures that its Facilities Management (FM) service providers develop and implement health and safety plans. This covers the process for undertaking risk assessments including health and safety issues of infrastructure, buildings and processes for establishing safe systems of work, work permits, accident/incident and near-miss reporting. 

Wasl also believes that sensitive data and personal information must be protected. We ensure that we are protected against loss of computerised information, fraud and misuse of equipment and data. In November 2011, Wasl received the ISO 27001 certification, the world’s highest accreditation for information protection and security.

5. Integrity and Governance

Wasl is committed to interacting with all of its audiences – including its customers, partners, competitors, employees, suppliers and shareholders – in a respectful, ethical manner and in compliance with applicable laws.

We view the implementation of good corporate governance practices as integral to Wasl’s core business activities. We recognise the need to conduct business with openness, integrity and accountability and provide timely, relevant and meaningful reporting to all stakeholders.

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