Wasl team visits to Dubai Expo 2020

There is no better place to visit than one that represents an amalgamation of culture, heritage, progress, creativity and development—a place for you to witness a life filled with colour and diversity. Expo 2020 Dubai is one such place that the Wasl staff was fortunate to have visited. It would not be an overstatement to say that it is a place of unparalleled immersive experience, where artists, artwork, and technology all merge into one place.


wasl team at Dubai Expo 2020


The entry gates to this grand event are, themselves, a magnificent display of how wonderfully the past has intertwined with the future. The surreal entry portals that welcome every visitor to Expo 2020 Dubai are significant, 99 per cent of their engineering being made of air. "This is the largest Mashrabiya (an ancient design pattern) ever built which feel like it's from the future, but the fact is, it is from the past," British architect Asif Khan told Khaleej Times in an exclusive interview.                         


However, for Wasl staff and management, the journey didn't begin at these massive and beautiful gates but at the Wasl Call Centre, from which we travelled by bus and metro. It was particularly fascinating to see colleagues from different departments travel together who had never met before, consolidating the impact of the event on introducing people to one another and the professionalism of Wasl’s management in organising the journey. The trip was as comfortable and convenient as it could be. As ‘Wasl’ means 'connection' in Arabic, the Al Wasl Dome is designed to function as a focal point of the entire Expo 2020 site. After taking a group picture at the Al Wasl Dome, a masterpiece of modern architecture, we headed to the pavilions. The knowledgeable tour guides took us through the pavilions that represented a unique and unforgettable experience. It is a place that has it all, from entertainment to innovations, from food to art, from shopping to educational programmes along with concerts, creative displays, as well as daily festive celebrations.


wasl team at Dubai Expo 2020


Each pavilion is uniquely built and designed, and it is awe-inspiring to witness how the new world is shaping to closely connect to our past and what we as humans are developing and building in the present; The pavilions that we visited permeated with their distinct elements. The rich culture and theme of Expo 2020 Dubai, "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" could not only be seen but also felt in the ambience as we walked through this grand fair. A few sitting or resting places were unique and sculpted in the form of Arabic calligraphy.


The first pavilion that we visited was the Mobility pavilion, featuring the world's largest passenger lift. The cutting-edge mobility device will make you feel like you are in a different world. Subsequently, we visited the pavilion of Saudi Arabia, which reflected the past, present and future of the Kingdom. Taking you on an audiovisual journey through the Kingdom's creative scene, the displays of pictures and videos were nothing short of mesmerising. While you are impressed by how far Saudi Arabia has progressed, Luxembourg's pavilion draws you into a very different space, where you can discover the country's diversity, connectivity, enterprising spirit, and commitment to the environment.


The UAE pavilion displays the country’s ancient roots as a crossroads for people, goods, and ideas to transform into a unified nation. We can witness the uniqueness of the UAE as a welcoming home to people from over 200 countries. The UAE pavilion clearly positions the nation as a land for dreamers — it was like a multi-sensory journey through a rapidly changing landscape.


You can have your Expo 2020 passport stamped at each pavilion, an experience that felt like the world tour blended with an outer world experience. Strange? Yes, it was. A celebration of traditions and collective progress is displayed in a surreal way. We ended this eventful trip with a tasty lunch, which was all we needed after walking miles and seeing this much-anticipated global event in our beloved Dubai.


wasl team at Dubai Expo 2020



"The Expo 2020 visit was wonderful. It made us feel like we are in another world. I appreciate the efforts of Wasl and feel lucky to be in UAE- the country of achievements and greatness." 


Mona Yusuf (Property Management)




"This was an amazing experience. A team full of happiness and cheerful faces made it more fun, and we enjoyed it to the maximum."  


Maryam Khan (Property Management)



As many visitors have stated, no day at the Expo is the same. One can only experience it while witnessing and visiting it, not once but quite often. That's right. A day is not enough to experience the essence of Expo 2020 Dubai. So, be prepared to share and learn stories that inspire and empower you and the sights that make you wonder about all the extraordinary things in this world.


 - Kulsum Matin (Property Management)


wasl team at Dubai Expo 2020