About Owners Association Management OAM

Wasl Properties’ expertise in the facilities management service field comes from over three decades of delivering the highest standard of services. This is complemented by wasl’s knowledge in the Owners Association Management market, which is on par with global standards, and is recognised by leading industry associations.

As the largest landlord in Dubai, wasl is able to use its position to negotiate the best facilities management fees on behalf of the owners association. As representatives wasl also oversees the execution and delivery of the services to ensure that the owners are receiving what they paid for.We can assist developers in planning and establishing their owners association by:

We can assist developers in planning and establishing their owners association by:

  • Submitting proper paper work to developer or agent
  • Preparing notices and sending to owners and RERA
  • Establishing and conducting first Owner Association General Meeting
  • Writing minutes
  • Writing resolutions
  • Registering with RERA

How We Serve You

Wasl Properties provides all of the property management and association management services necessary to assist the board with managing a successful community association. 

Our standard of care in each and every facet of our many services is unmatched and is what sets us apart from our competition in the industry. Our clients can count on us for the following: 


  • Comprehensive financial management
  • On-line bill pay review, approval and payment
  • Budget preparation assistance
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Collection of assessments
  • Established relationships with preferred investment vehicles  

Customer Care Center 

  • Personalized service without having to leave a voicemail or speak with a receptionist. 
  • Every community has a unique Info Center that contains hundreds of questions about the community so Customer Care Professionals are able to answer your questions


  • Mystrata is our association management software that connects you to your homeowners and your manager to you
  • FREE community websites
  • Board Online Invoice Approval system
  • Resident Alert notifies homeowners simultaneously to alert them of emergencies, board meetings and other important information
  • Photos included in violation letters


  • Property inspections
  • Compliance with governing documents
  • Oversee the maintenance of common areas
  • State-of-the-art database management system
  • Transfer and disclosure packages
  • Management consulting
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Establishing preferred vendor relationships to control level of services and costs and to minimize liability

Other Service 


  • Handover management
  • Initiation of the collections process as needed
  • Owner transitions
  • Rental property management for villas and apartments
  • Maintenance supervision
  • Repair and maintenance of community access systems
  • Maintenance manual

Property Management 

  • Maintenance supervision

Training & Education 

  • State-of-the-art learning center 
  • Executive style meeting rooms for you to use free of charge 
  • Board Member training seminars 
  • Educational symposiums


Meet With Wasl OAM Team

Wasl Properties prides itself with its team of professionals who can draw on their two decades of combined experience to help our clients with all aspects of Owners Association Management.

our clients with all aspects of Owners Association Management.

International Accreditations:

We understand that each jointly owned property is unique and through our team’s diverse background we have the skills to meet our client’s needs.

The team holds internationally-accredited certifications in the Owners Association Management field from global institutions including the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM), Project Manager Development Program (PMDP), Association Management Specialist (AMS) and Certified Manager in Community Association (CMCA).

With members certified by the Dubai Real Estate Institute as instructors for owner association board members, wasl’s OAM team aim to use their accreditations to incorporate international best practices in the local market and in turn set higher standards for Owners Association Management in Dubai. 

Local Expertise

With over thirty years of experience in Dubai’s property market, wasl is able to share its unique local expertise with its clients providing them with detailed information and insights. Due to wasl's extensive knowledge, two of its OAM team members are currently part of the newly established Dubai Jointly Owned Property Owners Guide (DJOPOG) committee. DJOPOG is an initiative led by the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), part of the Dubai Land Department. The five-member committee has been formed to review and adapt the USA’s well-established guidelines for the local real estate market in Dubai.

To contact our OAM team, please email oam@wasl.ae or contact directly, Mohammed Yahya, Head of Commercial and Owners Associations Management on myahya@wasl.ae


Owners Associated Workshops

Wasl Properties is committed to continue its efforts to improve the exchange of knowledge and experience to enrich the community and further develop the real estate sector in Dubai. As part of these efforts, wasl holds two different workshops.

  1. “OAs - The Opportunities and Challenges” series: Hosted in collaboration with the industry leaders and appropriate government agencies, the workshops bring industry experts to discuss the challenges Owner’s Associations face as well as the opportunities available.The workshops usually feature panels with representatives from leading firms in the industry, giving the audience direct access to the experts to answer their questions and concerns.If you would like to attend our next workshop, please contact us.
  2. Board Member training seminars: Wasl offers “Board Member” seminars for board members interested in learning about the role and responsibilities of being a homeowner association officer.The seminars could be tailored to the specific needs of each association and may include:
  • Introduction to Homeowner Associations 
  • Conducting Effective Board and Community Meetings
  • How to Establish Rules and Guidelines 
  • Working Through Committees 
  • Budget and Financials 
  • Planning For the Future 
  • Productive Board Meeting Procedures
  • Managing the Communities Risk
  • Understanding the legal implications and requirements that effect homeowner associations

If you would like to attend a “Board Member” training seminar, please email oam@wasl.ae


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