Accepting Dubai Fitness Challenge with our first ever Waslympics!

It was a relatively early start for a weekend, but the greenery of the Emirates Golf Club made for a great setting to what was about to be a very eventful Waslympics!

After a few cups of coffee and a power bar, more familiar faces began to roll in, and we were ready to begin the day. The Ignite team were all hands on deck to get us pumped up and ready to jump into the obstacles. However before the real games begun, we were sectioned off into groups of four and were taken through a warm up (at this point the warm up honestly felt like a full work out – but little did we know, it was about to get real, like really real!) 

After a quick briefing, we learned that the day would consist of eight stations where we would be teamed up against another team. Once we completed a station, we would get a 10 minute break and then we would have to jump into the next station and take on the challenge. From beginning to end, the competitive spirit was high. 

Everywhere you looked there were teams fighting hard to make it through the challenges, and challenging they were. From a variety of activities that included full circuit training, to carrying heavy objects from one point to another, and back and forth (we thought it was never going to end), to giving it your absolute all physically and mentally at the Plank Station - It was a tough set of activities and everyone competed like champions.

When we were done with the challenges, it must have been four hours in and the real highlight was to see the smiles on everyone’s faces even though they were absolutely exhausted. It was a well-organized team building and fitness event. Congratulations go out to everyone who took part and especially the organizing Committee members. We look forward to next year’s event (and will train a little harder in advance!)

Thanks for a wonderful and active Saturday!

- Submitted By Maram Aliwaiwi, Assistant Development Manager; Erik Volkers, Development Manager; David Mitcham, Senior Development Manager and Monique Joann Andrade, Development Officer