We are Tech Geeks

I joined Wasl back in 2013 and things were very different then. We had a quiet environment and people knew exactly what they were supposed to do as we had specific guidelines on all procedures. I would say we were working in both a classic and a classy way.

With time, things started changing around us. Quite quickly, we entered a technology-driven work environment and I noticed that many of my colleagues found it challenging to cope with our new ways of doing our daily tasks. Nevertheless, many others (including myself) were thrilled about all the new advancements and changes in our work processes and opted to support our fellow colleagues whole-heartedly. I think it was easy and exciting for me because I have always been a tech enthusiast. During my teenage years, I passionately followed tech blogs and always wished to bring about a positive technological change to the world someday.

At Wasl, technological changes were rapidly implemented. Many things were getting automated and procedures were streamlined. This resulted in a shift in the workforce. We thought that in order to increase efficiency, individuals would be replaced with operating software and automated systems. And we feared it might negatively affect our job roles. Fortunately, nothing of the sort happened. Instead, we learned to adapt to new technologies, and ended up providing better services with more efficiency.

For me, I think the best software system upgrade that Wasl had undertaken was the implementation of the current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It elevated the way we communicated with our colleagues and customers. The online renewals system, SMS services, online tenant accounts, online property search engines, and online property registrations were all advancements that were implemented in just a few years. Services that could only be envisioned in the real estate market were successfully being implemented by Wasl with the combined efforts of all the employees and the wonderful positive recognition we received from our tenants.

Contrary to the situation back in 2013, things today seem like they are going fast. However, I find this rush beautiful as it is moving us towards a better future with Wasl. The upgraded systems now handle most of our workload and routine activities while we direct our manual labor into more efficient activities. We, as employees, are constantly growing with Wasl and I believe that no other company can make me feel the way Wasl does. I am honored to be a part of an organization that values employees’ contributions – big or small. Even my little ideas are recognized and supported on big platforms. Such support tremendously helps validate our self-worth and boosts it immensely.

Today, I believe we are the pioneers in the real estate market of Dubai and that is not just because of the high quality of services we deliver to our customers but also because of all the efforts we dedicate to implement technological progressions within our company.  We dare to believe in what we do and we grow stronger each day with our desire to become the best versions of ourselves. This is where I’ve always wanted to be and believe anyone would want to be.

I will never forget the words of one of our former tenants and a recent Wasl freehold property buyer who said: “Wasl ki toh baat hi kuch aur hai!” (Translation: “There is something unique about Wasl!”) -  and that made me proud to be a “Waslee”- Wasl employee!

- Submitted by Anjum Hameed, Senior Customer Happiness Representative