wasl Asset Management Group renews contracts with Facility Management suppliers

wasl Asset Management Group has announced that it has renewed its contracts with three of its facilities management service providers – BK Gulf, Imdaad and Operon Middle East – in line with the Group’s commitment to delivering appropriate and effective facilities management services across its projects.

Speaking of the decision to renew the contracts, Ms. Wafa Sulaiman Ahli, wasl’s Head of Procurement & Administration, said, “wasl's focus right now, in terms of procurement, is on responsible procurement – ‘buying’ in a socially and environmentally responsible way that delivers ‘real value’ for money and improves the quality of life. In line with this, in June last year a 360-degree supplier analysis was initiated with Business Excellence to ensure the suitability of our suppliers for our organisation.”

“BK Gulf, Imdaad and Operon emerged as three of our top Facilities Management service providers, who have consistently provided competitive pricing with no Impact on Quality and Service. Their energy savings and Go Green initiatives have saved wasl thousands over the past two years, which is why we have chosen to renew our contracts with all three service providers, in line with our strategy of maintaining long-term and mutually beneficial supplier relationships,” Mohammed Khoory, GM of wasl Facilities Management added. “Facilities management is a critical component of asset management because it optimises the full life-cycle of each building for the owner. wasl has prioritised the appointment of capable service partners to ensure the highest standards of safety and effective service delivery for the beneficial occupants of its leased buildings.”

The three service providers expressed their delight at the renewal of their contracts with wasl. “wasl is one of the most professional and customer focused organisation with clear vision and dedication towards setting new trends and standards in Facilities Management for the whole region” says BK Gulf who have consistently improved their performance over the years. Imdaad reiterated that ‘end users satisfaction is jointly assessed to evaluate the quality of the service which is beneficial to both parties’. All service providers have indicated their commitment to maintaining a long and fruitful relationship in the future.


BK Gulf, Imdaad and Operon Middle East were originally appointed by wasl in January 2009 with two-year contracts to provide a comprehensive range of facilities management services, including cleaning, security, lifeguarding, landscaping, mechanical, electrical plumbing and other technical services, for the A Category of properties owned by wasl.