wasl Donates Funds for Students at Dubai Women's College

Dubai, UAE, September 8, 2014: wasl Asset Management has made a financial contribution to students at Dubai Women's College, a further education institute under the auspices of the city’s Higher Colleges of Technology. The property management organisation’s donation forms part of its core commitment to supporting women’s education in the UAE, a key component of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

wasl's donation has been set aside for allocation to those less privileged students in order to help them and their families meet some of the costs associated with further education. All students will be able to benefit from the money which will be used to purchase such tools as computers and i-Pads, as well as provide transportation to and from the college and meals during lunch times.

wasl’s handed over its contribution during a visit to Dubai Women's College by Zainab Mohammed, CEO, Property Management, Marketing and Corporate Communications, and Chairwoman of the CSR Committee, wasl properties. Following her tour of the institution, where she met students and reviewed the facilities it provides to ensure women are well equipped to forge careers in the UAE workplace, Ms. Mohammed presented a cheque to Dr. Saud Al Mulla, Director of Dubai Higher Colleges of Technology, who expressed his appreciation of wasl’s efforts in supporting women’s education in the UAE and for the generous donation.

"We are always looking for opportunities that will allow us to affirm our responsibility to various segments of society that deserve assistance. Part of this commitment is to support the UAE’s education sector. With women representing half of the community, we feel that it is our duty to do what we can to assist in developing them for the important role that they will play in the future economic growth of the UAE,” said Ms. Mohammed.

wasl's donation to Dubai Women's College is its most recent initiative in the company’s educational CSR programme and complements its recent large-scale government schools campaign that it launched to help students prepare for the new academic year. The campaign involved wasl contacting a number of schools to determine their needs and identify their various requirements. A wasl delegation was then sent to the schools to meet with their department heads and present cheques to cover the costs of actions required.

wasl says that it hopes its donations will help to provide a supportive and nurturing educational environment for all students in Dubai, male and female. It aims to facilitate the means of further study to young adults and to create a level playing field so that students from all backgrounds are able to reap the benefits of further education. The company believes that it is the acquisition of knowledge that will secure Dubai’s status on the world stage in the years to come.