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Wasl 611

Project Overview

Premium accommodation within a gated community, located in a connected area with convenient access to the main roads.

Situated in close proximity to destinations such as Silicon Oasis Mall and City Centre Mirdif.

The project features modern facilities and amenities, designed to enhance daily lifestyle; modern equipped gym, Olympic-sized swimming pool, other sport courts, and a retail centre. 

About the project

Wasl 611

• With 3,866 units spread across 33 buildings, Wasl 611 offers a variety of shared, studio, and one-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 275 to 726 square feet. All units boast high-end finishing, ensuring residents enjoy a comfortable living experience.

• In addition, the project offers a range of top-notch amenities that provide ample opportunities for recreation and relaxation, ensuring that employees always have something to do after a long day at work or on their days off.

• The project includes a community swimming pool and a gym, and those who do not want to get on a treadmill or lift weights can enjoy their time with friends at the basketball and volleyball courts.

• To make it more convenient, a community centre, ample parking spaces and nine retail outlets, including a supermarket, a clinic, and a pharmacy, are also available within Wasl 611.

• A shared kitchen and dining room are also available on the ground floor of each shared block.

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Q1. Where are the Labour camps in Dubai?

Most of the labour camps in Dubai are located across key industrial areas in Dubai, such as Muhaisna, Al Quoz Second, Al Quoz Fourth, Jabal Ali and Dubai Investment Park.

Q2. How much is a room per month in Dubai?

Rents differ from a project to another, however the average price to rent a room across labour camps starts from AED 1,400 per month

Q3. What are labour accommodation standards?

Based on the guidelines set by government authorities in regards to labour accommodations, each worker should be allocated a three-square-metre space and the accommodation should include dining halls, a medical service room, kitchen, bathrooms, and prayer and laundry rooms, among others. The full list can be accessed via The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’s official online portals.

Q4. What kind of units are available at Wasl labour accommodation?

Wasl offers different room types as part of its portfolio of labour accommodation, including small and large sharing rooms, studios, full floors as well as full buildings. Interested companies can get in touch with Wasl to enquire about availability.

Q5. What are the amenities provided at Wasl labour accommodation?

The amenities vary by accommodation; however, most projects feature common kitchens with cooking provisions and other communal areas. Other accommodations also offer recreation areas.

Q6. Where is Wasl labour accommodation located at?

Wasl has several labour camps located across key industrial areas such as Muhaisna, Al Quoz Second, Al Quoz Fourth, Jabal Ali and Dubai Investment Park.

Q7. Does Wasl labour accommodation have good maintenance service?

Wasl labor camp offers its premium maintenance services to common areas at buildings that host tenants from different companies. However, if the building is fully leased by one company, the tenant often does soft maintenance services by themselves.

Q8. Is there free parking space at Wasl labour accommodation?

Yes, most of the labour accommodation projects by Wasl have car parking spaces and a bus stop. This is part of Wasl’s mandate to provide a range of amenities across its different labour accommodation developments for the convenience of tenants

Q9. Are the units in Wasl labour accommodation furnished?

As is the case with most Wasl projects, labour accommodation units are not furnished. The tenants furnish their units based on their company’s guidelines and standards.

About WASL

Wasl is one of the largest real estate development and management companies in the UAE and an integral part of the Dubai real estate fabric. It was established by the Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) to oversee the management of its assets and grow its real estate portfolio. It operates an extensive portfolio of over 50,000 residential and commercial properties; 32+ hotels and hotel apartments; 5,500 land plots; 4 freehold master developments and 6 golf clubs.

Wasl’s commitment to delivering high-quality properties that meet the needs of a diverse range of tenants, investors, and visitors has helped establish them as a dominant force in driving socio-economic growth and contributing to the long-term prosperity of Dubai.

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