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26/11/2023, 7 Minutes Read

It seems that Wasl’ name is synonymous with success and record-breaking. Every well-though of campaign by the company, reiterates customer’s trust in Wasl and its offerings. This year, the company announced a new campaign named ‘Hello October’, which is part of a six-month campaign that runs in conjugation with the inauguration of Expo 2020 Dubai. Exceeding all expectations, Wasl managed to lease a record 130 units in 45 minutes and 1,774 units in a month instead of three, which is what it would have usually taken.

Not only this, however the campaign also witnessed a high turnout from families moving from other emirates beyond Dubai, with two- and three-bedroom units being the most in-demand during the first day of the campaign.


Unique offer

It is not every day when Wasl announces exclusive offers and campaigns. In celebration of the emirate’s hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai, a proud moment for everyone in the UAE, the company offered new tenants one-year lease agreements that entailed a AED 5,000 discount with 12 monthly instalments, 0% commission fees, and security deposits, as well as a one-month grace period. Moreover, two-year lease contracts entailed the same offer but with 24 monthly instalments and a three-month grace period. These offers were for most of Wasl’s units that are spread across the emirate, which includes the company’s recent launches Wasl bay, masaken Wasl and other prominent developments such as Wasl vita, Wasl51, dar Wasl to name a few.

To create hype for the campaign, Wasl launched a soft communication in September which kicked-off officially on October 10 and ran until the end of the month. Several creatives were also shared on the company’s social media platforms in line with ‘Hello October’ and the start of the fall season where falling leaves were created that left a cheerful impact.

Innovative leasing process

What made this achievement more special is that Wasl reiterated its successful methods of launching projects and campaigns, where it succeeded in competing the whole leasing process through its innovative Wasl properties leasing app, reaching the largest number of potential tenants in Dubai and ensuring their maximum comfort.

The app, a first in the regional real estate industry, enables customers to search for a unit within proximity of a defined area and check for special offers. The whole process, which includes booking a unit 24 hours in advance, detailed filling, and payment, is completed within minutes. This makes it convenient for customers to lease a new unit without having to visit any customer happiness centre.

To cater to the increasing demand of customer who wanted to get their hands on a unit, Wasl also added the reservation option to its website, which enabled customers to book their units after selecting the desired one.

wasl properties leasing app 

Recovery of sector

The success of this campaign was a clear indication of the recovery of Dubai’s real estate market and the fact that the action in Dubai’s property market is not only happening in the freehold sector; there is quite a sizeable demand for new property rentals.

It also highlights Wasl’s successful and well-planned strategies in choosing the ideal time to launch its campaigns, as well as its ability to attract new tenants to its wide diverse portfolio of properties spread across Dubai.


Wasl continues its legacy

Wasl has been launching leasing campaigns for several years now. Last year, the company launched its annual leasing campaign and managed to lease 126 units in six hours, despite the uncertainty posed by the pandemic. The campaign generated great response from tenants, and due to the increasing demand, Wasl announced its extension for a further week. Customers were also allowed to watch the process live on Instagram, which was a first in the region.


The offers continue

Each month, Wasl will be launching a new offer in line with the emirate’s celebration of Expo 2020. The company’s mandate remains to present unique housing options across Dubai at competitive prices for all residents, and the exclusive offers are a testament to Wasl’s commitment of cementing Dubai as a global city in all standards and making it the preferred place to live. The November offer, named ‘A Sweet Treat, This Sweet November’ entails a one-day promotion for The Nook at Wasl gate, which will be ready for handover in the first quarter of 2022, and with Wasl extending its assistance to buyers in leasing their units, once ready.

 Sweet November The Nook Sales Campaign