To ensure commitment to integrity as one of our core values, Wasl encourages all its stakeholders to take part in maintaining the highest ethical standards within our organization.

Wasl has a zero tolerance policy to fraud, breach of security, leakage of confidential information and any other identified unethical practices or behaviors that are acted by or addressed against any of our valuable stakeholders. Additionally, all unethical practices that may impact the organization’s image and reputation, health and safety, financial, legal, strategical, operational and security processes will not be tolerated.

Wasl encourages its business partners, customers, employees and all other stakeholders to bring to our attention any breach, threats, fraud or unethical behaviors that they may come across by communicating with us through our trusted whistleblower channel.

We assure you that the personnel reporting the incident will remain anonymous and all incidents will be thoroughly investigated by our disciplinary committee ensuring a fair and unbiased treatment towards the responsible individual or the reporter.

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