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Managing over 25,000 units on behalf of the Dubai Government and other owners, Wasl properties is unrivalled by its experience and expertise in managing residential and commercial properties.

Small room design ideas to maximize space and elevate living

Find out how to transform small living spaces into luxurious rooms that you want to return to.

7 Easy Home Decor Ideas to Transform your Abode into a Stylish and Inviting Place

Are you looking for simple and fuss-free home decor ideas to transform your living space? Whether it

Imagining the UAE in the future

At Wasl, we don’t just lease or sell units; we also involve tenants in activities, campaigns and ini

Who can own property in Dubai?

Dreaming of owning a piece of Dubai's glittering skyline? Foreign investors, even those who do not r

What is Ejari and why it is important in Dubai

Ejari is the Arabic word for rent and is compulsory if you are planning to move to a new apartment o

What is Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC)?

The Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) is the region’s premier government-owned real estate develo