What is Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC)?

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25/03/2024, 7 Minutes Read

The Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) is the region’s premier government-owned real estate development firm. It was established in June 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to manage and use Dubai's government-owned properties. Today, the DREC prides itself for its staggering portfolio of over 5,600 pieces of land for industrial, commercial, and agricultural purposes, within different areas in Dubai.

Wasl was created by DREC to manage and develop its assets. As a result, Wasl operates a wide spectrum of property management, project management and investment management services for DREC. Wasl’s goals are closely aligned with DREC, to enhance Dubai's status as a leading hub to live and work. 

Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) is committed to providing a rich and rewarding community experience, and has developed a comprehensive portfolio of residential and commercial properties that have become synonymous with Dubai. 

Together with Wasl, Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) has strived to serve the people of Dubai and the UAE. It goes beyond simply developing properties. It builds homes and spaces for people – to help drive the city forward and contribute to the incredible economic story of Dubai. Today, DREC is dedicated to offering the highest quality services and helping tenants find homes and workspaces that meet their needs.

Dubai Real Estate Corporation Address

The DREC offices are located at Al Raffa in Bur Dubai. The buildings managed by DREC range from villas, to warehouses, buildings, to shopping malls located in Dubai’s central and commercial areas. DREC has recently launched a new customer service office on the ground floor of the Wasl office premises in Al Raffa.

Dubai Real Estate Corporation Address

Dubai Real Estate Corporation Role

The role of Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) is to own and manage government-registered real estate properties, including the ownership, development, investment, utilization of lands, commercial properties, and industrial properties located in the Emirate. Its services span land lease management services, including transfer and renewals. Together with Wasl, it plays an instrumental role in growing Dubai’s real estate portfolio.

Additionally, Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) provides services related to the construction, implementation, marketing, and management of buildings, real estate, commercial properties, and the acquisition, leasing, and management of properties registered in the name of the corporation. Today, DREC is committed to building liveable homes and stronger communities for the people of Dubai. It plays a key role in the development and sustainability of Dubai's urban growth. Along with Wasl, it aims to raise Dubai’s profile as a competitive destination to live, work and invest in. 

Dubai Real Estate Corporation Role

Dubai Real Estate Corporation Contact Number 

You can reach DREC on +971 4 398 6666.

Browse through our list of properties to find yourself a home. With over 25+ years of experience in land leasing and services, DREC is the go-to destination for managing and leasing government-owned properties.

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