wasl Invests in UAE Youth Through its Summer Internship Programme

wasl Asset Management announced the commencement of an intensive summer internship programme for school and university students that started this month. 19 students of different ages will participate in one or two-month internship programmes across the different wasl Asset Management departments including Property Management, Lands, Procurement and Asset Management Services and Solutions.


Jassem Al Jasmi, General Manager of Human Resources at wasl Asset Management praised the initiative for its ability to positively influence the future careers of these young minds and said: “Our aim is to help participants better utilise the summer vacation months and to further their knowledge by gaining hands-on experience. At wasl, we strongly believe that such programmes can nurture the minds of our future generations and instil good work ethics and values that will be useful to them when they pursue their careers.”


Interns arriving at wasl on their first day were taken through a 3-hour briefing session that gave them a detailed overview of the group, its subsidiaries and the large operation they manage in Dubai. Department heads also joined the debriefing to explain the nature of their roles and respective departments they manage, which led to an interactive questions and answers session with the seasoned professionals and the inquisitive young minds.


wasl is highly dedicated to taking on an active role in the community and views the youth of the country as one of our most valuable assets,” explains Al Jasmi. “Nurturing a bright future starts with equipping young minds with the tools, knowledge and experience they need in order to become more analytical and empowered thinkers, capable of successfully contributing to society in the not too distant future.”