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Imagining the UAE in the future

Why the Dubai Fitness Challenge

Author, Wasl

26/11/2023, 7 Minutes Read

At Wasl, we don’t just lease or sell units; we also involve tenants in activities, campaigns and initiatives to keep them entertained and creative.

As the whole country celebrated the inauguration of Expo 2020 Dubai, we at Wasl also celebrated in our own way by launching a six-month campaign that entails promotions and offers for tenants and investors alike. The campaign also included monthly competitions on our Instagram page for our tenants and the public, in general, to participate. A number of winners were rewarded throughout the four months of the Expo. However, during January’s contest, our followers put their thinking caps on to participate in the competition, and a lucky creative winner got a seasonal Expo pass to enjoy the biggest event of the year.

Imagining the UAE in the next 50 years contest

On the occasion of the new year, Wasl launched an exciting contest where it invited participants to share their visions of the UAE for the next 50 years, with the most creative answers being awarded.

The competition generated a lot of creative answers from participants, some of which we will list below.

Highly-advanced nation

Highly advanced nation

In light of the huge comments that were received by participants, it wasn’t easy for us at Wasl to choose the winning one, however the most creative one that stood out was by Jamila Abdul Kader, who envisioned that the UAE will preserve its Arab heritage in the next 50 years, however it will become a highly-advanced nation where technology will be everywhere — from being more energy-efficient to flying cars and robots. Jamila also believes that most homes will become smart, roads will be filled with driverless cars, and robots will become a norm. She also went far to imagine holograms being used for long-distance communication, people using jet packs to get from one place to another, more metros being to be built and the UAE to send more astronauts to space. What made us select this as the winning comment is her imagination that covers different sectors, which also make us day dream of what the future is hiding for us.

A world leader in artificial intelligence

a hub for space tourism

Another participant jewel_jenston believes that in the next 50 years, the UAE will become a world leader in artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and robotics, and smartly designed products based on biodegradable and recyclable materials will form the basis of a sustainable future. She even further imagines that the UAE will be the hub for space tourism and will establish an inhabitable human settlement on Mars.

Presence on the moon

A presence on the moon

On the subject of space, Razana thinks that the UAE will have a presence on the moon in the next 50 years. Moreover, flying and driverless cars will become common, and the UAE’s deserts will turn into evergreen gardens, reflecting the sentiment of growth and prosperity.

A network of driverless cars

Driverless Cars

Nuwara also let go of her imagination and is picturing the UAE in the next 50 years to become even safer and calmer, hosting a network of driverless cars and as well as a faster metro.

Flying taxis

Flying Taxis

If you think that rush hours and getting stuck in traffic are unending, you are wrong! Mustafa believes that in the next 50 years, flying taxis will be common in the UAE, where commuting will take less time than it does is now. The under-progress hyperloop between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will become very popular, and self-driving cars and planes will become common. He also went as far as to think that 1,500-metre towers will be a norm by then.

Robots living side by side with humans

Robots living side by side with humans

Yasmina envisions that the future of the UAE in the next 50 years will include robots living side by side with humans, taking up roles such as policemen, teaching assistants, vehicles, and lifeguards. She also imagines the ease of travelling between two points in just a few seconds via teleportation.

Living life without limits

Living life without limits

Finally, another user mb556, is adamant that the future in the UAE will be beyond imagination, represented by faster-than-light travel in a train, living life without limits, and reaching other galaxies and planets.

Promising Future

The huge turnout and comments we received from participants surpassed our expectations, and this indicates the trust and optimism that everyone living on this beloved land has in the wise leadership and the government’s long-term plans for the nation. From our end at Wasl, this encourages us to continuously spark people’s imagination and encourage them to put their thinking hats on. Who knows, as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so let us keep imagining a better future and life for us as we all proudly call this beautiful country our home or second home.