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Top 3 Reasons why you should live in a Villa

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Author, Wasl

26/11/2023, 7 Minutes Read

The demand for villas and townhouses in Dubai has been on the rise since the onset of the pandemic, with many people opting for bigger homes, especially if they can get their hands on a private villa with a pool. Dubai has an abundance of luxury villas, where people can rent a villa or own one, based on their budgets and future plans.

Here are the top three reasons why people in Dubai choose to live in a villa:


Privacy at wasl properties villas

One of the primary benefits of living in a villa is the privacy it provides. A villa offers space away from neighbours, especially with no shared walls, and you don’t have to worry if your child is crying at night or if your music is a little loud.


Swimming pools at wasl properties villas

Most villas come with high-end facilities and amenities in the community. These include parks, where the children can play and you never have to worry about their whereabouts and security; a fitness centre; and a swimming pool. Many luxurious villas in Dubai come equipped with a private pool, which makes it convenient to enjoy sunbathing or inviting family and friends without minding anyone else.


Freedom at wasl properties villas

Most apartments come with a set of rules that tenants have to follow, whereas when you own a villa in Dubai, you can design and renovate them after getting the necessary approvals from the master developer. Some apartments do not allow tenants to keep pets; however, this is not an issue if you are living in a villa in Dubai, where your pet has a lot of outdoor space to play or walk.

There are many villa communities in Dubai where tenants can choose to rent a villa as well as buying a villa for personal use or as an investment, where in the latter, return on investment is high.

Wasl offers luxurious villas at Wasl51, a mixed-use development featuring an array of modern, contemporary apartments, villas and retail plazas. The project is located on Al Wasl Road, and a few minutes away from Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai and Jumeira Beach.

Wasl51 villas offer superior comfort and luxury via a mix of 3 and 4-bedroom villas, which feature a plunge pool, landscaped courtyard, and a pool-side dining area, with some luxurious villas featuring a lift. This is all complemented by the abundance of retail shops, which include local and international outlets, fashion brands, boutiques and restaurants, spanning 98,800 square feet with spacious outdoor seating and over 190 parking spots catering to retail visitors.

Why wasl?


Wasl is one of the most renowned real estate development and management companies in Dubai, managing an extensive real estate portfolio covering more than 50,000 residential and commercial properties across the emirate.

The company offers a range of e-services under one roof, including a 24-hour call centre that provides premier customer service, contract leasing, renewing and termination, and maintenance requests.

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