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Six Tips to Consider When Moving in Dubai

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Author, Wasl

26/11/2023, 7 Minutes Read

Due to the vibrant real estate market in Dubai and the emirate’s position in attracting people to live and work, it is no surprise that people are continuously changing homes in search of their desired residence. However, changing homes comes with its own set of complications, so if you’re looking to move residences in Dubai, there are a few procedures that you would be required to navigate through. Here are our top six tips to make your lives easier when considering a move between apartments in Dubai:

1. Notify your landlord

The first step is to notify your landlord that you are planning to move as tenancy contracts in Dubai entail a clause wherein tenants must give their landlord at least 90 days’ notice prior to the end of their contract that they are not renewing and wish to move out. This gives the landlord time to list the apartment back on the market and look for another tenant. At Wasl, we give this opportunity to tenants where they can send the notice of termination through our eServices, which is available on our website and the mobile app. Moreover, tenants should disconnect their DEWA connection, provide a final bill and a clearance certificate then add it to the termination request once submitting it.

Moving Tip 1: Notify Landlord


2. Plan what to take

There is no better time to get rid of all your trinkets and unused furniture or items than when you want to move out. This is the perfect opportunity to let go of many items that you see and decide to keep. One of the first things that you need to do when you decide you want to move out is to decide on what to take with you and what to throw or give away. Planning and creating a checklist help in clearing out unnecessary old items to make space for new arrivals once you move out.

Moving Tip 2: Plan what to take


3. Find the right moving company

Dubai has an abundance of moving companies and prices range depending on the service that you choose. Some companies offer to more than just transport your furniture from one unit to another. In addition to ensuring a smooth transition, movers and packers in Dubai, depending on the package that you purchase, can offer decorating services as well as can help you with installation and maintenance services.

Moving Tip 3: Find the right moving company


4. Pack wisely

The first few days after moving can be a bit stressful as you are still wondering where to arrange the stuff that you packed, and sometimes, you might lose or misplace small items that you bring along, such as your telephone charger or your baby’s toy. To avoid such stressful moments, make sure you label as many things and boxes as you can because though the process can add a few extra seconds to your packing, doing so will help you save precious time digging through boxes of stuff when you reach your new home. 

Moving Tip 4: Pack Wisely


5. Check the utilities

There’s nothing worse than finishing this long day of moving and looking forward to winding down, only to discover that there is no running water for a shower or that your AC is not working properly. Therefore, it is always recommended to check these utilities before you hand over the old apartment to ensure you settle down quicker once you move into the new place. It is also recommended that you get in touch with an internet provider a few days before you move as sometimes it may take a few days to send over a technician to install your cable and internet connections.

Moving Tip 5: Check the Utilities


6. Obtain the necessary permits

If you’re moving to an apartment, you’ll need a moving permit from the building management, and you would also need a move-in permit from the community management of the new place you are moving into. There are also some instances when you may need to obtain an NOC from your current landlord to move out of your apartment in Dubai — this would then be handed over to the building or community’s management and/or security to ensure they know that your landlord has declared it fine for you to move out without any issues or cause for concern. At Wasl, tenants are required to obtain an NOC through our eServices, before they move out their furniture.

 Moving Tip 6: Obtain the necessary permits


One of the best parts for many people when moving out is that they can go home-shopping for that new furniture item they may have had their eyes on but never knew how to fit it in their current home.

Now that you have completed and ensured the above boxes are ticked, your move will be smoother, and you can enjoy your new apartment and making new memories in your new home.

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