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UAE Golden Visa for Property Investors

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Author, Wasl

26/11/2023, 7 Minutes Read


Have you always dreamed of a UAE Golden Visa? When you invest in property in Dubai, your path to ten-year residency is simplified. In addition to the visa, you also get economic stability, competitive business and career opportunities, and a high-quality lifestyle.

Dubai Investment Visa

The Dubai Investment Visa is open to investors, entrepreneurs, and exceptionally talented people, like scientists, professionals in various fields, outstanding students and graduates, among others. The best part is that the Investor Visa or Golden Visa can be extended to direct family members. It allows children to be sponsored until the age of 25. As per the new rules, foreign nationals can live, study and work in the country without the need of a national sponsor.

Golden Visa UAE benefits

When you get a Golden Visa, you can enjoy 100% business ownership and live in the country without the hassle and worry of renewing your residency. The UAE has significantly reduced the amount of property investment required to obtain the Golden Visa. This means you can invest in units that are ready or in the off-plan stage, paid via mortgage or in cash.


UAE Golden Visa price

According to the terms, investment in property valued at a minimum of AED2 million (one property or more) under the applicant’s name is required to be eligible for an investor visa. If the property is mortgaged, at least AED2 million of property value must be paid to the bank.

UAE Golden Visa requirements

To qualify for the UAE Golden Visa, you must be an entrepreneur, investor, specialized researcher in the field of science and knowledge, or a student with exceptional scientific capabilities.

Those residing outside of the country will need to apply for a 6-month multiple-entry visa, which will allow them to enter the UAE and convert a temporary visa into a residency permit. Furthermore, the applicant should have an NOC letter.

The cost of the visa application includes the medical test and the registration of an Emirates ID, medical insurance, and the issuance of a visa.


UAE Golden Visa process

The process to apply for a Golden Visa is very straightforward. You must register your interest on the UAE's Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website under the category for ‘Golden Services’. Check the eligible categories under the ‘Visa – Golden Visa – Nomination Request For Golden Residence – New Request’ section.

Simply fill out the online form with the correct category – in this case – investor – and enter your Unified Identification Number (UID) number. The application will be reviewed and you will receive an email with the results of your application within 30 days.

If your nomination is approved, you will receive a link via email to upload the requested documents for the visa. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will then verify your application, following which you will be issued a Golden Visa.


Dubai Partner Visa

The Dubai Investment Visa is also known as the Dubai Partner Visa. The visa is issued to foreign nationals who want to start their own business or invest in an existing business in Dubai. The visa is issued for a 5 or 10-year residency, depending on the volume of their investment in the country. For instance, those who invest at least AED 10 million, either through a deposit in an investment fund inside the country, establish a company in the UAE or partner with an existing or a new company with a share value of not less than AED10 million, are eligible for the 10-year visa.

Property Visa Dubai

Investing in property in Dubai is the ideal path to secure a Golden Visa. Wasl Properties offers an exciting inventory of ready and freehold properties for investors looking to establish themselves in Dubai. Each of our communities provide a vibrant lifestyle and feature spacious living areas, bedrooms, and well-appointed recreational areas, alongside amenities.

As one of the most renowned and prestigious real estate development and management companies in Dubai, Wasl offers a range of e-services under one roof, including a 24-hour call centre providing premier customer service, contract leasing, renewing and termination, and maintenance requests.

To find out how you can invest in your dream Dubai home and get a Golden Visa, get in touch with Wasl.