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Restaurants in wasl51

Why the Dubai Fitness Challenge

Author, Wasl

26/11/2023, 7 Minutes Read

Of the many features that make Dubai a renowned touristic hub is its variety of shopping malls, where you can shop at the world’s largest malls, experience an indoor ski park, or enjoy the charms of several new community malls around the city that are also must-see attractions for tourists and residents alike, such as the unique Wasl51 mall in Jumeirah.

The Wasl51 community mall is a multi-dimensional lifestyle destination that offers striking opportunities for both local and international retail outlets, fashion brands, boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants, and caters to all shoppers and visitors alike.

The ever-bustling community mall, which is located at the Wasl51 mixed-use development, hosts 30 retailers catering to several industries, such as F&B, fashion and lifestyle, beauty, and fitness, among others, as well as offers a barbershop “Kids Gym” and a nursery. It is also worth mentioning that Wasl51 features elegant plazas complemented by modern landscaping, attractive water features, spacious outdoor seating, and over 190 parking spots as well as free Valet parking.

Whether you are craving Arabic, Indian, American, Italian, seafood or Portuguese food, or are in for a cup of coffee with unique concepts, you will find it all at Wasl51.

Lana Lusa

Lana Lusa at wasl51

Among the prominent restaurants there is Lana Lusa from Portugal, which is inspired by Portuguese roots, and has a menu that offers breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner made for sharing from real flavours. The restaurant also offers visitors a chance to see the chefs at work through its open kitchen with an authentic interior design.

Brunch and Cake

Brunch and Cake at wasl51

You can’t profile Wasl51 without highlighting Brunch and Cake from Barcelona, which landed in Dubai in 2019. The much-loved café offers the best treats, and its dishes are anything but boring, with bright colours and food presentations that resemble works of art. Due to its popularity, the famous café also revealed aggressive expansion plans the GCC.

Mara Restaurant and Lounge

Mara Lounge at wasl51

Among other restaurants is Mara Restaurant and Lounge that brings all the international cuisines from different countries across the globe at a budget-friendly rate.

Around the Block

Around the Block at wasl51

Around the Block, on the other hand, is a distinct experience in itself as it offers curated foods, speciality coffees, as well as showcases customised sneakers; moreover, it is always on the look out to discover young, exciting brands to launch products or set up pop-ups and create ideas. If you are still wondering, Around the Block is the best destination for those seeking to explore new places, concepts, foods, designs and art.

BLK Cab Coffee

BLK Cab Coffee at wasl51

It is also worth giving credit to BLK Cab Coffee that started in 2017 to bring a little piece of London to the region. With coffee being their specialty, their menu also offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes, and their opening of six branches already in such a short time is a testament to the success that it has enjoyed.

CAF Cafe

CAF Cafe at wasl51

Another coffeeshop that is a popular hotspot among visitors is CAF Café, that opened its first branch in the UAE at Wasl51. Their signature move is the coffee con helado, topped with chocolatey cubes of ice cream sandwich. They also do a strong selection of iced coffees, including cold brew and Spanish latte, that are perfect for the Dubai climate.

The list of outlets does not stop there. When it comes to fashion, Hash Boutique is worth highlighting as a space that mirrors cutting-edge ideas and offers ready-to-wear and custom-made designs created by two Emirati sisters, Fatma and Maryam AlHashimi, who wanted to pursue their passion in the fashion world.

Another fashion designer that stands out at Wasl51 is Manaal Al Hammadi, who began her journey in the fashion world in 2006, and is known for approaching wardrobe essentials in a modern way and turning them into abayas with a twist. Her collections of on-trend modest, black abayas are on the lust-have list of every Khaleeji fashionista as she makes the everyday garment extraordinary.

Fitness lovers will be happy to know that Wasl51 also hosts 51 Gym, which was opened by Michael Oyac (better known on Instagram as Coach Mike personal trainer of local and international celebrities), one of Dubai’s most in-demand trainers. The high-end boutique gym features state-of-the-art fitness equipment, Boxing, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Reformer and an immersive 4D cycling classes.

If you haven’t visited Wasl51 community mall and checked out the portfolio of retailers that it comprises then you are definitely missing out on a lot of experiences and a range of food outlets and services that will cater to everyone’s preferences.